AbilityNet supports Mental Health Week

What do Lady Gaga, Robin Williams, Rio Ferdinand and Prince Harry have in common? Not much, you might think, but they have all opened up about their struggles with their mental health. Mental health seems to be one of the last taboos - we seem to be happy talking about our physical health but much less so comfortable discussing our mental health. 

This week is Mental Health week and as AbilityNet helps a considerable number of people with mental health issues we are sharing some useful resources. We're only too aware of the devastating effect that poor mental health can have on people at home, at work and in education - and we also know that getting the right computer set up can really help people manage the day to day impact on their lives. 

Computer technology can be a real asset to people with mental health issues. Here are 5 easy ways of your mental healthwhen using a computer.

  • The Free Mindfulness project showcases lots of simple exercises you can do to help relieve stress
  • Help me chill has a great playlist of calming ambient music. Really useful for when you need to get work done, or just to shut out the outside world
  • Mediation timer is a simple countdown timer which means you can just take a few minutes out of your day to rela
  • Podcasts are very popular and there are several on the subject of anxiety and how to cope with i
  • Natural readers can take the stress out of reading text. Just sit back and listen!
  • Have a busy life? Take control of your lists with an app such as Wunderlist or visual task manager Drop Task

Need more help?

Call our free helpline for one to one advice on 0800 269 545

Or contact a specialist mental health service: