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  • Kelly Chan | 01 Jul 2022
    According to the Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA), 10 million people in the UK are lacking the most basic skills in using a computer or the internet. We champion the imperative for a digital world accessible to all, and that is why we have pledged to help end digital poverty by 2030. 
  • Emma Wheeler | 30 Jun 2022
    It has been shown that there are many benefits to creating an empathetic workplace. From our recent webinar with Intuit and HS2 leaders, we've compiled eight top tips that you can implement in your own organisations to help you bring empathy into your workplace, products and services.
  • Teresa Loftus | 30 Jun 2022
    Starting your first job is a milestone which brings a mix of excitement and angst, so we have Here are some tips and resources that we have compiled together to help you prepare.
  • Teresa Loftus | 30 Jun 2022
    The transition to university can be an exciting time, but you might also feel scared to move out of your comfort zone. Here are some tips to help reduce stress and keep you looking forward to the next phase.
  • Anonymous | 29 Jun 2022
    Smartphones and tablets have helped to close the gap between disabled students and their peers, particularly in the form of apps. Here's our selection of apps that will help a visually impaired or blind student get the most from their education.
  • Clive Gilbert | 28 Jun 2022
    Clive Gilbert, freelance research consultant and specialist writer in public policy, social affairs and technology takes a deep dive into the World Health Organisation's new report.
  • Clive Gilbert | 28 Jun 2022
    Assistive tech and accessibility updates from Clive Gilbert, freelance research consultant and specialist writer in public policy, social affairs and technology.
  • Louise Aldridge | 23 Jun 2022
    Join our free upcoming webinar on Tuesday 19th July at 1pm BST and learn from the University of Greenwich and AbilityNet on how to support your disabled employees and students in a post Covid world. 
  • Kelly Chan | 16 Jun 2022
    Lots of people know how to create accessible web pages. Creating accessible emails can be just as easy. Read some top tips on how to make sure your next email is accessible.  
  • Mark Walker | 08 Jun 2022
    New research conducted by accessibility agency BarrierBreak delves into in-house accessibility teams.