How to Identify Reasonable Adjustments

Every UK employer of any size must must be pro-active about making Reasonable Adjustments or face legal action. AbilityNet has worked with workplace diversity experts The Clear Company to create  Clear Talents On Demand, a free online tool that creates a personalised report that identifies Reasonable Adjustments.

  • Employees get the help they need to perform at their best.
  • Employers get a more productive workforce, lower sickness rates and reduced risk of legal action.

How does Clear Talents On Demand work?

Employees fill in an online questionnaire that asks the right questions in the right way, avoiding the legal pitfalls that many employers face. Clear Talents On Demand uses the information provided by the employee to deliver a free report that identifies the adjustments that will meet their needs. 

  • Identify Reasonable Adjustments quickly and easily
  • Improve communication between employees and their managers
  • Maximise disclosure. Minimise discrimination.

Who is it for?

Clear Talents on Demand is for any employee in any organisation of any size and can be used for many reasons, such as:

  • Helping staff with hidden disabilities such as Dyslexia, RSI or MS
  • Sudden changes in health, such as an accident.
  • Returning to work after a stroke, heart problems or other medical condition.
  • Concerns about performance issues or high sickness rates.
  • It also ask questions that help address other diversity issues such as race, religion, gender, bullying or sexual orientation.

How does it work?

Step 1. Employee creates a free Clear Talents Profile

  • Employee registers at and answers a series of practical questions
  • The process has been formulated by experts and provides practical issues and possible solutions.
  • No requirement to reveal personal details about disabilities or medical conditions.

Step 2. Manager receives a free Clear Talents Report

  • Easy to use report sent to line manager
  • Report provides practical recommendations for reasonable adjustments, tips and free expert guidance.
  • Manager meets with employee to discuss report and agree adjustments.

Most issues are dealt with in the report, but in some cases the employee or employer may need more expert support to address specific questions.

Step 3. Workplace Assessment

  • AbilityNet's experts provide one-to-one holistic assessments remotely or on site.
  • This offers more detailed insight and personalised advice.

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