Workplace Assessment Solutions

Some facts about disability in the workplace

  • One in five people of working age is disabled
  • 78% of disabled people acquire their impairment aged 16 or older
  • 2% of the UK working age population becomes disabled every year.

Research by the Health & Safety Executive shows that disabled employees are:

  • As productive as their colleagues
  • Have less time off sick
  • Stay longer in their jobs
  • Have fewer work accidents

AbilityNet can deliver a single, comprehensive service that helps you to manage workplace disability issues efficiently and cost effectively. Our integrated solution means you can:

  • Access and deploy professional support from a single source without having to retain in-house experts;
  • Reduce the threat and impact of litigation for unfair dismissal;
  • Employ and retain the most talented people to meet your business needs.

AbilityNet's team works with you to create a seamless process. Once in place your team can manage the talents of your organisation and enable your employees to achieve their full potential in the workplace.

How it works

From referral, through triage, assessment and equipment supply, to training and case management, we facilitate the hiring and retention of disabled employees and ensures that you comply with current equality legislation (Equality Act 2010).

AbilityNet’s specialist assessment team identify the ideal solution for an individual's needs based on the results of an in-depth, work-based assessment. We works in partnership with your elected occupational health providers, whether in-house or external, to promote vocational rehabilitation for those on long-term sickness absence and facilitate an early return to work with on-going support.

We can also work alongside your IT department to ensure that all recommended solutions are fully compatible with existing systems.

Employees are the backbone of any business. They are the key to improving financial performance and increasing profit, as well as achieving business objectives. Your employees are your organisation’s potential and its future. With AbilityNet you can rest assured that their welfare is in safe hands.

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