Dealing with Dyslexia in Education

Date of webinar: 
06 Nov 2014

This webinar marked Dyslexia Awareness Week and provides information about some of the tips and techniques for dealing with dyslexia in education.

It is NOT a technical webinar but will be of interest to people with dyslexia and family and friends who support them, as well as Disability Advisers and others who support students of all ages in schools, FE, HE and adult education. It covers:

- What is dyslexia?
- And what is dyspraxia and dyscalculia?
- What is the impact of dyslexia on education and learning?
- What adjustments can help with dyslexia?
- How is mobile changing things?

The session is delivered by Pauline Beresford, one of AbilityNet's assessment team, who delivers one-to-one assessments of students in higher and further education.