Free resources that make inclusive design easy to understand and share

Professional Practice Workshop

Time: 15h15 | Room: 24

Speaker: Amy Thornley, BBC

Whatever your role in a digital team, and whatever level of knowledge you have about inclusive design practices, there are some great resources out there to help you and your colleagues learn more.

Amy Thornley is a BBC UX Designer at BBC iPlayer and will share her favourite links and resources that she uses to help people understand inclusive design and make it easy to start using accessibility in their work.

This includes three core issues that the BBC uses to help people get to grips with inclusive digital design: Labels, Focus and Colour as well as resources such as the Microsoft Inclusive Design Toolkit.

Professional Practice Workshops are short sessions which kick off with five minutes of top tips from an industry expert - followed by your ideas and an open discussion. The sessions will be recorded and a short guide published after the conference, capturing practical top tips that you can use in your work.

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