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Case Study

Helping unravel technology problems...

Sean Kelly is an IT Can Help volunteerSean Kelly is a 37-year old former electrician who was paralysed from the neck down after an accident during a gap year in Australia in 1998.  He has become a real IT expert in the years since and after mastering the technology for himself, he decided to devote his time to enabling others to enjoy the digital world too.

He has also been an AbilityNet IT Can Help volunteer, visiting other disabled people and helping to unravel their technological problems – work which he enjoys immensely and finds hugely gratifying.

A man who also relishes finding practical solutions to circumvent his paralysis, he uses a typing stick attached to his hand when he needs to type something quickly like a short email reply.

And when it comes to text messaging he also has a quick fix:

“Despite the sophistication of Apple's Siri and Google voice, sometimes texting with my tongue is just the quickest way to get the job done!”

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