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Delivering an accessible IT service

Download the Delivering an accessible IT service document to find out more.

Making Computers easier to use

Windows Skillsheets for free download

The latest version of Microsoft Windows has been released and it’s called Windows 7. If you are an old hand to Windows, or if you are completely new to PC’s, there is some learning required!

To help you get the very most out of your initial 7 set up we have created a range of Windows 7 specific skillsheets to help.

As always, these factsheets are free to download.

Skillsheets to download (all in PDF):

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Ubuntu (Linux) Skillsheets

My Computer My Way

My Computer, My Way. Learn about the various specialist assistive technology that is available for the PCIf you want to know how to slow down your mouse, or get your computer to speak to you visit my computer my way.
Specially created to give you all the information you need to adjust your computer to suit you, including information on some of the special adaptations you can buy.

Factsheets and skillsheets

Our Factsheets cover a range of subjects including assistive technology and approaches, services and organisations, which can help anyone who has a special IT requirement.

Our Skillsheets give a step by step guide to help you better configure your computer and software (assistive technology) to meet your individual requirements.

These documents can be found in the Factsheet Section of our website.

Advice and Information

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