Student Feedback

The following extracts are from students who have been assessed at one of our DSA Centres in the past year. We have changed their names to protect their confidentiality.

"Discussing (or being assessed) on a disability is a traumatic experience, but the assessor made the whole session far from my usual experience in a very positive way. She was able to alter her line of discussion based on how the conversation was going, which I felt made for a very productive session."

"I felt that the approach led to a good understanding of my condition and the impact it has on me. As a result, I do not feel the assessment could have been conducted any better than it was.

Brian: Birkbeck, University of London

"My assessor made me feel very comfortable and made it easy for me to explain my disability and what difficulties I have in regards to my studies. I feel much more relaxed and positive now about my studies, as I know what help has been recommended for me and I know this is going to make a huge difference."

Natalie: London Metropolitan University


"I felt the assessment was thorough and the assessor made me feel very comfortable. She fully understood my difficulties and showed great enthusiasm in demonstrating the equipment, The assessor explained the process and she gave me suggestions on websites to support my course. After the assessment I felt positive and confident to succeed with my studies."

Lynn: George Williams College


"I was really impressed with the level of expertise and understanding shown by the assessor. I was made to feel comfortable and understood. I finally felt help was at hand and I no longer had to struggle alone"

Kirsty: University of Derby