How Boyzone's Shane uses voice control to overcome his Dyslexia

Shane Lynch of Boyzone uses the voice controls built into his phone so that he can join the world of social media. As he explains in our interview with him, his dyslexia means he struggles with reading and writing, so for a long time had shied away from Twitter, facebook or any other social media platform. But now, with the right technology in his hands, he's sending and receiving messages with family, friends and fans. 

Shane is sharing his story to show support for our DSA Claim It Campaign - raising awareness of the extra funding that UK students can claim to help them succeed in education.

Lots of people don't know they are eligible for Disabled Students' Allowances, which can be worth thousands of pounds in extra support. They may not think of themselves as disabled, or don't realise the impact that things like voice control can have on their ability to study and achive their full potential. As Shane says, it can change your life!

Use our website to find out more about who is eligible claim DSA, what they can claim and how to start the process.