How Barclays made the business case for accessibility: Free webinar

Why would a global bank put accessibility at the heart of its business strategy? How does it relate to their marketing strategy? What does it have to do with the drive for better customer services or competitive advantage?

""This webinar took place in October 2014 and included an interview with Paul Smyth, Head of IT Accessibility at Barclays who has been a leading advocate for accessibility inside the organisation. Although it focused on Barclays this session will show how accessibility can bring benefits to any business. It is of value to anyone trying to win the case for accessibility in their own organisation - and will be a wake up call for the business leaders and digital decision-makers who have yet to be convinced. It includes:

  • the breakthrough moments which led to the Chairman and CEO placing accessibility at the heart of their business strategy
  • the tangible benefits the business is already seeing
  • the effect it has had on internal culture and digital design processes.
  • advice to organisations starting out on their accessibility journey as to how to organise themselves for success.

Read Paul's guest blog post in which he shares three lessons for winning the business case for accessibility.

A recording of the webinar can be found on YouTube and is embedded below

View the slides used in the webinar on Slideshare