Barclays Mobile Banking App Accredited by AbilityNet

Barclays Mobile Banking App is the first app to receive AbilityNet accreditation, following testing at the end of 2014. AbilityNet's Accessibility consultants worked closely with the Barclays team from the early stages of the project and the app has a number of features which promote accessibility and a disability-friendly design.

Barclays BankElaine Draper, Head of Accessibility at Barclays says:

“The new accredited app brings us one step closer to becoming the most accessible bank. The app is now easier to use for all of our customers, especially those with disabilities. Digital innovation is central to our business and we want to build services that meet the needs of every customer.”

AbilityNet’s senior consultant Joe Chidzik has been leading this work and says that Barclays have put accessibility at the heart of their processes. He said:

“Barclays have made great progress with their latest mobile banking app, achieving a high standard of accessibility. Mobile banking is something everyone finds convenient and it's important that anyone that wants to use the app can. Barclays are the first high street bank to get AbilityNet’s accreditation, which involves testing with disabled users to highlight 'real-world' issues.”

Barclays Banking App The Mobile Banking app has been adapted to include an ‘accessibility’ section, where users can select information about the following:

  • Sight- advice includes braille, large print, audio correspondence, large print cheque books and talking cash machines for customers;
  • Hearing / speech- includes guidance on British Sign Language, Hearing Induction Loops and text relay;
  • Mobility / dexterity- guidance includes chip and sign, what to do around differing signatures and home visits;
  • Mental impairment- Customers can locate advice on appointeeship, Power of Attorney, and Court of Protection Orders
  • Dyslexia / Dyscalculia- Customers can log in and receive guidance on chip and sign, online banking passcodes and passwords and debit and credit PIN.

Barclays customers can get more information on the app on, and can download and use the app from android and iOS stores.

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