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  • Guest Blogger | 08 Nov 2018
    By Paul Smyth, Head of Digital Accessibility, Barclays
  • Sophie.Shearer | 06 Nov 2018
    2 in every 1,000 young people (under the age of 25) have vision impairment in the UK and with future stats showing this number is likely to continue to rise with around 4.1 million people with sight loss in the UK by 2050. It’s important for us to invest thought and time in to alternative ways we...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 06 Nov 2018
    Driverless cars are just round the corner and their true power will be to offer a kaleidoscope of choice - catering for the needs and activities of customers of all professions, abilities, shapes and sizes.
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 24 Oct 2018
    How can disabled students get the right help from their university and how do they know if their uni is inclusive. Ian Carter, manager of student services at Brighton University, home to 24,000 students, has helped us put together some advice. He is vice chair of the NADP - the professional...
  • Anonymous | 22 Oct 2018
    Over 20% of the world’s population has a disability and in the UK the combined spending power of people with disabilities and their families, also called the Purple Pound, is £249 billion a year. For this reason, ensuring your products and services are accessible and able to be used by people with...
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 05 Oct 2018
    AbilityNet’s accessibility and disability consultant Raphael Clegg-Vinell challenged delegates at the London Chapter of World Interaction Design Day last month to think about inclusive design differently.
  • Sophie.Shearer | 04 Oct 2018
    Students can feel overwhelmed with deadlines, a likely change of location, managing finances and the pressures of maintaining a good work/life balance. But, there are ways to help minimalize these stressors. We recommend some top tips and apps for anxiety at university.
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 01 Oct 2018
    From moving modules online, to offering pre-term familiarisation stays with students on the autism spectrum, to enabling students with anxiety to do recorded presentations, Ian Carter, a student services manager at Brighton Unversity shares his knowledge and experience on what makes an inclusive...
  • Sophie.Shearer | 27 Sep 2018
    There are some fantastic support resources available for students with dyslexia; support that is likely to be equally useful to students without dyslexia. In support of World Dyslexia Awareness Week we’ve pulled together apps, advice and support we think is most valuable to students with dyslexia.
  • Sophie.Shearer | 24 Sep 2018
    Can inclusive tech offer the UK HE sector a way of attracting international students? Sophie Shearer joined university leaders at Westminster to discuss the Higher Education Commission Report Launch.