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  • Mark.Walker | 14 May 2013
    Our Look No Hands! campaign kicked off in great style this week thanks to Stephen Fry, who tweeted his message of support to his millions of followers and created a surge of interest. He joined Martha Lane Fox and hundreds of AbilityNet supporters in raising money to help disabled people get the...
  • kat.upton | 14 May 2013
    Did you know that there are around 10 million people in the UK who have arthritis? What is Arthritis, how does it affect people's lives and how can computer technology help?
  • kat.upton | 13 May 2013
    What is Parkinson's Disease, how does it affect people's lives and how can computer technology help?
  • anu.dhami | 09 May 2013
    From Monday May 13th to Friday May 17th we will be asking everyone across the nation to answer one key question: how would you send a text if you couldn’t use your hands?
  • Mark.Walker | 01 May 2013
    AbilityNet is hosting a free event in London to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2013. Inclusive Design: Where Accessibility Meets Usability will feature speakers including Robin Christopherson and Julie Howell, followed by a panel that includes Jeremy Keith, Ian Hamilton and Meera...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 18 Apr 2013
    Robin Christopherson is AbilityNet's Head of Digital Inclusion What?? Google’s glasses with heads-up display are a winner for users who can’t even see? Absolutely. Moreover they promise huge potential benefits for users with a range of other impairments too.
  • Alex.Barker | 04 Apr 2013
    AbilityNet is pleased to announce that it has become an associate member of The Helplines Association - the membership and good practice organisation for all helplines in the UK and beyond.
  • Mark.Walker | 02 Apr 2013
    Most small charities know that they need reliable IT systems but don't know where to turn for high quality, independent advice. Whether they need help with a database or website, have questions about social media or any other aspect of IT, they either don't know who to ask or can't afford the...
  • Mark.Walker | 26 Mar 2013
    AbilityNet is the UK's leading expert on digital accessibility working with some of the UK's largest companies to deliver digital content and services that reach every customer on every platform. We also work with a network of over 6,000 IT professionals, who provide IT support to charities and not...
  • Mark.Walker | 07 Mar 2013
    AbilityNet has been featured in an epiosode of Saints and Scroungers, a BBC TV show that highlights the differences between people who are cheating the benefit system and the people who are helping others get the support they need and deserve. The episode was first broadcast in March 2013 and...