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  • Robin.Christopherson | 23 Oct 2015
    AbilityNet's Head of Digital Inclusion Robin Christopherson looks at how the technology available today reflects the futuristic options in the 1980s classic sci-fi adventure 'Back to the Future'. From flat screen TVs and talking household objects to the iconic flying cars and hover boards, a...
  • Mark.Walker | 20 Oct 2015
    Shane Lynch of Boyzone uses the voice controls built into his phone to join the world of social media. As he explains in our interview with him, his dyslexia means he struggles with reading and writing, so for a long time had shied away from Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Now, with the...
  • Mark.Walker | 19 Oct 2015
    The extra funding and support available through Disabled Students' Allowances can be the difference between success and failure in higher education, yet figures from 2013/14 suggest that at least 50% of the people who are eligible for DSAs don’t claim them. Why not?
  • Mark.Walker | 13 Oct 2015
    AbilityNet is using a grant from Microsoft to upgrade it’s free and popular accessibility tool My Computer My Way. The new version will make it easier than ever to find details of the accessibility settings and other adjustments that can change the lives of disabled people.
  • Mark.Walker | 13 Oct 2015
    Computers and the internet have transformed our daily lives, at home, at work and for disabled people being able to get online opens up a world of possibilities for completing everyday tasks, enjoying games or films, working and connecting with friends and family. This blog explores how AbilityNet...
  • Mark.Walker | 13 Oct 2015
    Autoplay hit the headlines recently when a video showing the deaths of two journalists was seen by people scrolling through their Facebook and Twitter feeds. For people with disabilities, however, autoplay content is not only a source of distress on social media but can be a real barrier to access.
  • Daisy.Goodall | 08 Oct 2015
    AbilityNet’s experts deliver over 1,000 assessments for disabled students every year and by far the most frequent assessment is for a student with a specific learning difficultly such as dyslexia. . It is estimated that up to 1 in 10 people in the UK have some degree of dyslexia, but the good news...
  • Mark.Walker | 07 Oct 2015
    Boyzone's Shane Lynch is urging UK higher education students to check whether they are eligible for extra funding as part of Abilitynet's DSA Claim It Campaign.
  • Alex.Barker | 01 Jun 2015
    Visual impairment can affect your eyesight in so many ways. The good thing is that technology can help you in many different ways.
  • Alex.Barker | 27 May 2015
    It's Stroke Awareness Month so we're looking at how can stroke survivors use computers.