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  • Mark.Walker | 05 Nov 2014
    Why would a global bank put accessibility at the heart of its business strategy? What is the business case and how was it won?
  • Mark.Walker | 07 Oct 2014
    Employers have a legal obligation to provide effective reasonable adjustments for disabled people in recruitment and at work. HR professionals need to understand the current law about reasonable adjustments and how best to identify and implement the support required by disabled colleagues.
  • Mark.Walker | 30 Sep 2014
    Why would a global bank put accessibility at the heart of its business strategy? View the recording of our webinar to find out.
  • Mark.Walker | 30 Sep 2014
    Like everything in the digital world else accessibility has gone mobile and more and more people are using apps to reach their customers. This article reviews the best approach to creating accessible apps and links to relevant resources about accessibility features of iOS, Android, Windows Phone...
  • Alex.Barker | 24 Sep 2014
    Multiple Sclerosis is a lifelong condition which affects the central nervous system and the spinal cord. Symptoms can include fatigue, vision problems and sometimes people with the condition can have cognitive issues too. Famous people with the condition include Jack Osborne and Jim Sweeney (UK...
  • Mark.Walker | 23 Sep 2014
    Accessibility has gone mobile! This webinar is for business decision makers and app developers who need to know how to meet legal guidelines and build apps that work for every user.
  • claire.millross | 16 Sep 2014
    Claire Millross, AbilityNet's Volunteering and Free Services Administrator, explains the impact of invisible illnesses on her life
  • Alex.Barker | 01 Sep 2014
    Fibromyalgia is a long misunderstood, often painful condition. As well as widespread pain and fatigue, it can cause irritable bowel, sensitivity to changes in weather, noise, light and smoke, headaches and migraines, cognitive disturbances and dizziness. Although the cause isn’t completely...
  • callum.grantham | 14 Aug 2014
    The headline finding of our recent report into digital accessibility in the travel industry was that businesses could do a lot more to improve the accessibility of their websites and help disabled people book their holidays. There at least 1.1 billion disabled people on the planet, with a combined...
  • Mark.Walker | 14 Aug 2014
    Getting on the first page of Google results is the holy grail for SEO, but many web designers and marketers don’t realise that optimising their website for accessibility will help achieve their goal.