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  • Alex.Barker | 01 Sep 2014
    Fibromyalgia is a long misunderstood, often painful condition. As well as widespread pain and fatigue, it can cause irritable bowel, sensitivity to changes in weather, noise, light and smoke, headaches and migraines, cognitive disturbances and dizziness. Although the cause isn’t completely...
  • callum.grantham | 14 Aug 2014
    The headline finding of our recent report into digital accessibility in the travel industry was that businesses could do a lot more to improve the accessibility of their websites and help disabled people book their holidays. There at least 1.1 billion disabled people on the planet, with a combined...
  • Mark.Walker | 14 Aug 2014
    Getting on the first page of Google results is the holy grail for SEO, but many web designers and marketers don’t realise that optimising their website for accessibility will help achieve their goal. 
  • Alex.Barker | 04 Aug 2014
    So it's summertime and as the song goes, the living is easy. But is your holiday reading easy? Of course it's great to read books while sitting in the sun. What happens though if you're unable to physically hold a book and read it. Or, perhaps you've got some literacy issues.  What are the other...
  • callum.grantham | 30 Jul 2014
    A decade after we first reviewed the country’s top airlines for website accessibility and usability, it appears that little if anything has improved, despite huge advances in technology and provision for disabled people in general.
  • Mark.Walker | 25 Jul 2014
    At least 1.1 billion people globally have a disability, controlling over $4 trillion annually – a market the size of China. AbilityNet is running a free digital accessibility webinar with travel industry website tnooz.
  • Mark.Walker | 12 Jul 2014
    This year's Tech4Good Awards winners were announced by double gold-medal winning Paralympian Hannah Cockroft MBE at a glittering Awards Ceremony at BT Centre.
  • Alex.Barker | 01 Jul 2014
    I've just done a webinar on a subject that's close to our hearts at AbilityNet, which "How to change your computer accessibility settings without spending money". It was a great success. After all, no-one likes spending money if they don't have to, do they? I always try to refer people to My...
  • Mark.Walker | 01 Jul 2014
    Did you know that you don't have to be registered disabled to claim a grant that can cover the cost of extra equipment and learning support?
  • Mark.Walker | 23 Jun 2014
    Few people realise that paying attention to accessibility can deliver real SEO dividends. A recent AbilityNet webinar offered top tips on getting SEO dividends from accessible websites and other digital content.