WEBINAR Designing Accessible Carousels, 23 March 2017

Carousels are often found on the home page of a website and are commonly referred to as “slide shows” or “sliders”. They display a series of images one at a time as way of highlighting specific items within the site, for example, a series of news headlines. This webinar will identify the accessibility issues which need to be addressed when designing carousels and how to deal with them.

As wella s beng image-based many carousels use animations to move from slide to slide, which can be distracting for some users. They may also move so fast automatically that their content is hard or impossible to grasp, which is why every carousel should have a function to pause the animation. They can also create traps for keyboard users, not allowing them to use the carousel, or even get stuck inside, without a chance to leave the carousel and read the rest of the page.

Although inaccessible carousels can be a major obstacle for many website visitors if they're designed well they can provide more effective access for many users including:

  • People using keyboard navigation and voice input software.
  • People using screen readers .
  • People who are distracted by movement.
  • People who need more time to read.

This webinar will be delivered by one of AbilityNet's most experienced cnsultants and will highlight the accessibility considerations for such carousels, including structure, functionality and user controls.

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