New BSI standard on diversity and inclusion highlights need for digital accessibility in recruitment

The new BSI standard on diversity and inclusion that was officially launched last Thursday (May 4) highlights the need to make sure that technology isn’t a barrier for recruiting and employing a diverse range of people.

BS 76005:2017 Valuing people through diversity and inclusion – Code of practice gives employers a framework for valuing people through diversity and inclusion and guidance to ensure an inclusive recruitment process.

Image of 2 men in the workplaceIt recommends employers follow clear guidelines on diversity in the candidate search and shortlisting process, which require making sure the recruitment agencies they work with have a clear and demonstrable commitment to diversity and inclusion.

"[employers must ensure] private recruitment agencies have a clear commitment to diversity and inclusion and are able to demonstrate this in measurable and transparent ways via audit results that show the broadest pool of candidates being attracted and put forward".

The vast majority of the recruitment process is now done online or digitally, which means technology in recruitment needs to be accessible and inclusive for everyone.

To meet the new BS 76005:2017 standard employers and recruitment agencies must have accessible platforms for attraction and assessment, which should also form part of the reasonable adjustments they make to comply with the Equality Act 2010.

Robin Christopherson MBE, Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet, said:

 “The new BSI standard requires employers and recruitment agencies to show a real commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout the recruitment process.

“This includes making sure all parts of the process, such as filling on forms or completing assessments, are accessible to disabled people.

“AbilityNet can help employers through our digital accessibility services – our experts can make sure your websites, apps and other digital services are usable, accessible and comply with the law.

“We can also help employers to consider the reasonable adjustments you can make for disabled people through Clear Talents On Demand.

“It helps employees get the help they need to perform at their best, and employers get a more productive workforce, lower sickness rates and reduced risk of legal action.”

If you want to find out how AbilityNet can help your organisation improve your digital accessibility please email or call him on 0800 269 545 for more information.