AbilityNet calls for government enforcement of website accessibility on BBC 'In Touch' programme

On yesterday's (Tuesday 8 Jan 2019) BBC Radio 4 programme 'In Touch' AbilityNet called for the government to finally begin enforcing the law that requires websites and apps to be accessible to all regardless of disability or special access technology.

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Profile photo of Robin Christopherson alongside a photo of Peter White, both smiling facing the cameraIn Touch is a weekly programme aimed at listeners with visual impairments; covering topics such as technology, travel, dating, daily living and how to learn new skills if you're losing your vision later in life. Presenter Peter White often covers other important issues relating to laws and regulations that impact people with low or no vision, such as benefits, shared surfaces (where cars and pedestrians are forced to use the same spaces) and cases of poor customer service or outright discrimination.

I was more than happy to talk to Peter about the very important topic of website and mobile apps accessibility, and share why the government might finally want to step up to the task and begin putting some effort into enforcement.

You can listen to the episode 'Should fines be issued for inaccessible websites?' on the BBC website.

Let's get with the programme

AbilityNet has been championing the call for enforcement of digital accessibility laws for several years now.

Here are links to a few articles I've written on the subject that provide further discussion and information on the compelling case for government enforcement:

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