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  • Alex.Barker | 04 Aug 2014
    So it's summertime and as the song goes, the living is easy. But is your holiday reading easy? Of course it's great to read books while sitting in the sun. What happens though if you're unable to physically hold a book and read it. Or, perhaps you've got some literacy issues.  What are the other...
  • Alex.Barker | 01 Jul 2014
    I've just done a webinar on a subject that's close to our hearts at AbilityNet, which "How to change your computer accessibility settings without spending money". It was a great success. After all, no-one likes spending money if they don't have to, do they? I always try to refer people to My...
  • Alex.Barker | 20 Jun 2014
    AbilityNet has won the best NGO Category in the Digital Leaders 100 Award 2014 and was placed second in the overall rankings, just behind our patron Baroness Martha Lane Fox.
  • Alex.Barker | 02 May 2014
    Having a brain injury can cause many different issues but the use of a computer can certainly allievate some of these issues and make your day to day life that bit easier.What is a Brain Injury?A brain injury happens when the brain gets damaged in some way, either by a traumatic occurrence, for...
  • Alex.Barker | 04 Apr 2014
    As it is Parkinson's Awareness Week in April we thought we would write a blog to show people who have the condition how easy it is to use their computer.
  • Alex.Barker | 28 Feb 2014
    The needs of people with Down's Syndrome vary enormously and there may be many ways that computers could help them with communications at work, at home or in education. This blog covers just a few of them and is written to mark World Downs Syndrome Day on March 21.
  • Alex.Barker | 10 Feb 2014
    So there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  However the next best thing to free food has to be free computer technology. AbilityNet has always been at the forefront of helping disabled people get the most from computers and the internet and other digital technology. The  people calling our helpline...
  • Alex.Barker | 29 Jan 2014
    What is Raynaud's Phenomenon? Raynaud's phenomenon is a common disorder in which the small blood vessels in the extremities are over-sensitive to changes in temperature.  In some instances it can be a sign of another issue. The effects of the condition include having white, red or blue, cold...
  • Alex.Barker | 07 Aug 2013
    This blog post is part of a series that answers on some of the most common requests on our free advice and information helpline. This one looks at how technology can help people with Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). What is Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)?
  • Alex.Barker | 26 Jul 2013
    AbilityNet staff have completed a national qualification in volunteer management to support their work with a network of over 8,000 volunteers with IT skills. This will help them support the continued growth of the volunteer network, who help meets the IT needs of charities and disabled people....