• Adam Tweed | 16 Dec 2020
    Help relatives and friends unlock the power of their Android phones using Google's Action Blocks.
  • Adam Tweed | 09 Nov 2020
    Google brings environmental sound notifications to Wear OS allowing your watch to notify you if it hears something you might not have.
  • Adam Tweed | 12 Aug 2020
    This week saw Google release a great new feature for the Pixel phone allowing for the captioning of phone conversations in real time, but at the same time saw them cancelling the much-used accessibility feature of community captioning on the Google-owned YouTube platform.
  • Adam Tweed | 02 Jun 2020
    If you have begun to explore the world of online learning as a means of exercising your mind during Covid-19 lockdown, our suggestions might be of interest.
  • Adam Tweed | 20 May 2020
    How to avoid stress overload and focus on value-adding training.
  • Adam Tweed | 20 May 2020
    A discussion of the parallels between the philosophy of kindness and the goals of accessibility.
  • Adam Tweed | 31 Mar 2020
    At a time when isolation is a genuine concern, we must heed the revised advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and move from referring to ‘social distancing’ and instead
  • Adam Tweed | 05 Mar 2020
    March 5th is University Mental Health Day; a day run jointly by Student Minds; the UK's student mental health charity and UMHAN (University Mental Health Advisors Network).
  • Adam Tweed | 25 Feb 2020
    When Mick Ebeling of Not Impossible Labs considered the way D/deaf and hard of hearing people experience music; the monotonous thump of the subwoofer, he thought it was absurd. Working with jazz musician and songwriter Mandy Harvey who lost her hearing at University, Not Impossible Labs created...
  • Adam Tweed | 18 Dec 2019
    As we enter 2020 we review an incredible world of technology, which includes machine learning, voice assistants the rise of smartphones and the advent of smart homes. There have been some incredible innovations. We highlight our top 10 assistive (AT) of the decade.