• Adam Tweed | 18 Dec 2019
    As we enter 2020 we review an incredible world of technology, which includes machine learning, voice assistants the rise of smartphones and the advent of smart homes. There have been some incredible innovations. We highlight our top 10 assistive (AT) of the decade.
  • Adam Tweed | 12 Dec 2019
    Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and the potential for the emergence of (unintended) bias towards disabled people was the topic of discussion at the Techshare Pro 2019 panel on “Ethics, Machine Learning and Disabilities” which was chaired by AbilityNet’s Abi James and included...
  • Adam Tweed | 07 Oct 2019
    October 10 is World Mental Health Day. AbilityNet looks at how making adjustments can improve your mental health 
  • Adam Tweed | 23 Sep 2019
    23rd September marks the first day of Autumn and the slow decent into the cold British winter. For many, this brings with it Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but early preparation and some simple tech can help us to get into some positive habits and manage the impact of the shorter days rather...
  • Adam Tweed | 23 Sep 2019
    It is estimated that 850,000 people in the UK have dementia. For individuals with dementia, it is not just a loss of memory, but also perception, spatial awareness and facial recognition. It can be distressing for the individual, but as with many diseases there is an additional collateral impact on...
  • Adam Tweed | 14 Jun 2019
    For Chris Hughes, founder of Estendio and creator of Present Pal; presentations were his nemesis at university. Chris has dyslexia and as a result of the difficulties he experienced, he created Present Pal, presentation support software that enables you to deliver a more confident and prepared...
  • Adam Tweed | 14 May 2019
    In 1966 a conversation took place between a young woman and a computer programme called Eliza. Now meet Ellie - designed to monitor micro-expressions, to respond to facial cues, to perform sympathetic gestures and build rapport. Is this the future of chatbots and voice assistants?
  • Adam Tweed | 10 May 2019
    This week was the week of Microsoft's Build and Google's I/O developer conferences; an opportunity for the tech behemoths to showcase new products and new features to a crowd of enthusiastic developers, excited fans and a typically more sceptical press.
  • Adam Tweed | 02 May 2019
    In the UK, on average, one person every 90 seconds is admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury. Brains do not heal in the same way as other parts of our bodies and although the physical damage remains hidden, the impact on our functioning and personalities can be profound.
  • Adam Tweed | 08 Apr 2019
    The Amazon Alexa was a device designed to give us a more convenient means of shopping, but have these faceless devices become a more important source of interaction and company for many people; disabled and non-disabled?