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  • Mark.Gaddes | 12 Apr 2018
    We want to encourage as many people as possible to enter the AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards this year. Our awards are free to enter and attend, and there are some fantastic categories to choose from. To help us, please support AbilityNet's Thunderclap campaign.What is Thunderclap?
  • Mark.Gaddes | 05 Apr 2018
    Accessibility never sits still and in April we'll be focussing on autism and accessibility - looking at the design challenges but also the solutions for people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Make sure you register to secure your place, even if unable to attend, as you'll receive details about...
  • Mark.Gaddes | 21 Mar 2018
    Accessibility never sits still and in the coming months we will be hosting two free webinars to share the latest news from the sector. Our first webinar in March will focus on 'What's new in WCAG 2.1' and will look at the new success criteria from the recent WCAG (Web Content Accessibility...
  • Mark.Gaddes | 24 Oct 2017
    Are you familiar with CAPTCHA security boxes? The ones you sometimes complete online to prove you are not a robot. They have been built to keep other machines out for security reasons, but these nasty little critters by default make themselves inaccessible to many people with disabilities.
  • Mark.Gaddes | 09 Oct 2017
    Bringing together home automation devices with new ambient computing technology, like Alexa, has the power to dramatically improve accessibility and improve the lives of disabled people. With the cost of this technology falling home automation has the potential to empower disabled people, giving...