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  • Sophie.Shearer | 17 Apr 2018
    It's the time of year when students at every level of education exams are getting pretty serious about revision and exam preparation. We all have our own unique ways of managing the stress that exams can bring, but don’t forget technology can be a complete game changer.
  • Sophie.Shearer | 08 Mar 2018
    With more things vying for our attention these days we all may increasingly struggle to stay focused particularly in education. We discuss apps that can help.
  • Sophie.Shearer | 12 Feb 2018
    We use technology to enhance our lives every day by shopping online, keeping up to date with friends and making travel plans, but have you thought about using apps to look after your mental health?
  • Sophie.Shearer | 26 Oct 2016
    More people are making their own video content, but it often isn't fully accessible. Check out our simple guide for advice on making sure your videos can be enjoyed by a bigger audience. Ideally, also test your film with people who have a range of abilities.