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  • Sophie.Shearer | 04 Oct 2018
    Students can feel overwhelmed with deadlines, a likely change of location, managing finances and the pressures of maintaining a good work/life balance. But, there are ways to help minimalize these stressors. We recommend some top tips and apps for anxiety at university.
  • Sophie.Shearer | 27 Sep 2018
    There are some fantastic support resources available for students with dyslexia; support that is likely to be equally useful to students without dyslexia. In support of World Dyslexia Awareness Week we’ve pulled together apps, advice and support we think is most valuable to students with dyslexia.
  • Sophie.Shearer | 24 Sep 2018
    Can inclusive tech offer the UK HE sector a way of attracting international students? Sophie Shearer joined university leaders at Westminster to discuss the Higher Education Commission Report Launch.
  • Sophie.Shearer | 16 Aug 2018
    September is coming and we all know what that means – the famously frantic freshers’ weeks are upon us! It might be your first time away from home or perhaps you’re just concerned about getting organised, or how you’re going to afford the weekly food bill.Every year, AbilityNet helps thousands of...
  • Sophie.Shearer | 16 Aug 2018
    It’s that time of year when staff and students are thinking about the start of the university term and Fresher’s Week. During this exciting time, it is important to consider access needs, provide support for people with a range of abilities and also to think carefully about student and staff mental...
  • Sophie.Shearer | 15 Aug 2018
    School’s out for summer, but along with lots of sunshine and fun it also means results day is looming! A- levels results day is today, Thursday 16th August and students all over the country are preparing to find out how they did in their exams. If you’re one of the lucky ones off to university it...
  • Sophie.Shearer | 15 Aug 2018
    Around this time every year there are thousands of people using Clearing to secure their university place, so you are not alone. The important thing to remember is that universities all over the country are currently focusing on one main thing: attracting new students just like you.
  • Sophie.Shearer | 20 Jul 2018
    Kicking bad habits or establishing new ones is not a piece of cake, but we believe you can make these changes. Plus it can be fun with the help of some handy apps.
  • Sophie.Shearer | 20 Jun 2018
    As much as you may have concerns about robots and the way we could be interacting with them in the future, it’s important to consider how AI and robotics can and do benefit the education of current and future generations.
  • Sophie.Shearer | 16 May 2018
    It’s not easy staying on top of our to do lists but luckily there is a choice of apps that can help. If you’re looking to stay organised or just get a grip on your social life, you’re looking in the right place.