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  • Claudia.Cahalane | 25 Apr 2017
    We catch up with winners of the 2014 AbilityNet Tech4Good Accessibility Award, charity SpecialEffect, who customise gaming systems so that disabled people can still enjoy Tetris, Mario, Minecraft, Call of Duty or perhaps an online jigsaw.
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 18 Apr 2017
    Ellie Hale, associate at CAST, which works with organisations on tech and digital development hails some of the fantastic Tech4Good awards winners and beyond but says, we need plenty more charities who are willing to embrace tech for good.
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 14 Apr 2017
    City College Brighton deaf student James Blake reveals how he communicates in the third part of the Me, Myself & IT tech disability series made by film students at the college in collaboration with AbilityNet.
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 11 Apr 2017
    Lots of websites still have a carousel feature on the homepage - ie, a box featuring scrolling slides highlighting the latest/ most interesting content on the site. The problem is that most web developers and designers don’t make carousels accessible, so a whole range of people - from those using...
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 06 Apr 2017
    Naomi, a gaming student at City College Brighton, features in a short film about what tech helps with her life and studies - including touch screens and speech-to-text. But today's gaming consoles don't win it for her, she says.
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 05 Apr 2017
    In coming years, the UK could have more than a million people with dementia. The digital age means that people with dementia or alzheimer's are still likely to be banking, shopping and using services online and so web designers need to be mindful of not turning customers away with inaccessible...
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 29 Mar 2017
    Dyslexic City College Brighton student, Hugo Hobs, reveals the technology and IT which helps him do better in his studies - from Grammarly to Google Keep.
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 22 Mar 2017
    When Teresa started at Unilever in 1990 as an organic chemist she couldn't tell her colleagues she wasn't able to read the names on chemicals and she thought she was stupid. Fifteen years and several promotions later, the pressure became intense, she was off for months with depression and her...
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 07 Mar 2017
    Nominations are now open for the AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards 2017 - an annual showcase for the amazing people who use digital technology to make the world a better place. And, this year will be the first time that the awards include an Africa Award, sponsored by Comic Relief. Organised by...
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 22 Feb 2017
    An estimated 800,000 people in the UK have dementia. Most are over 65. This age group is now increasingly likely to be online, for a whole host of reasons - including staying in contact with friends and family and keeping up-to-date with current affairs, which in turn helps reduce isolation. Online...