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  • Claudia.Cahalane | 22 Feb 2019
    AbilityNet's TechShare Pro 2018 event featured a popular session on organisational accessibility, with presenters from Barclays and Google. In this blog, David Caldwell, senior digital accessibility consultant, who presented for Barclays, gives some top tips on creating an accessible organisation.
  • Alex.Barker | 21 Feb 2019
    Today (February 22nd) is World Encephalitis Day and whilst a comparatively rare illness, the after effects can be long term and can cause difficulties with memory issues as well as physical movement. Here are some questions that we get asked regularly...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 20 Feb 2019
    A CAPTCHA, (an acronym for "completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart"), is a test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. You've all seen those distorted codes or image-selection challenges that you need to pass to sign up for a site or buy...
  • Guest Blogger | 19 Feb 2019
    By Marta Valle, Accessibility and Usability Consultant at AbilityNet In part two of a two part blog, Marta shares how the Slido Q&A platform was received by the audience at Techshare Pro...
  • Jessica Doyle | 15 Feb 2019
    In the first of a new series of 'Hack in a box' blogs, we highlight some of the ways that Microsoft's OneNote can support students with Dyslexia.
  • Adam Tweed | 13 Feb 2019
    Loneliness has a huge impact on our lives and 85% of young disabled people say they feel lonely. Can the next generation of robots really help us feel less lonely?
  • Guest Blogger | 12 Feb 2019
    Google's senior programme manager for accessibility Chris Patnoe talks about how it makes accessible products and highlights a variety of accessibility features across Google's product range. 
  • Robin.Christopherson | 11 Feb 2019
    A recent (and very misguided) craze was to blindfold oneself and try to undertake tasks that would normally only ever be done with your eyes wide open. The app we're taking a look at below is in no way an invitation to navigate your surroundings 'eyes-free' but, for those who are well-used to the...
  • Robin.Christopherson | 01 Feb 2019
    I am very proud to be a judge at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (25-28 Feb) for the fourth year running. There was once again a great set of entries - and now the shortlist of finalists for the 'Best Use of Mobile for Accessibility & Inclusion' has been released, so let's take a look.
  • Guest Blogger | 31 Jan 2019
    By Marta Valle, Accessibility and Usability Consultant at AbilityNetIn part one of a two part blog, Marta introduces her experience of working with Q&A platform Slido to develop an accessible version for Techshare Pro... Last summer, just after the Tech4Good Awards, I went to an event with our...