Finding funding for an adapted computer system

A lot of the queries that we receive are from people who are looking for funding to buy a new computer system. AbilityNet is not a funding organisation but our factsheet provides some signposts for funding a computer system.

This factsheets gives some useful points on where to start. The guidelines are intended for a disabled person who has never written a fund raising letter before and may, of course, help others too.

Funding organisations receive many applications and do not wish to waste their time with guesswork. Vague requests for “a suitable computer” will be unlikely to succeed - you should provide a clear description of exactly what is needed, why, and how much it will cost.

For successful fundraising applications there are three things that you need to do:

  • Get a precise list of what you need.
  • Produce an effective letter of application.
  • Send it to the right people.

Download the factsheet for more tips on finding funding and a lst of some of the organisations and individuals you could approach.

Download now

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