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AbilityNet are available to run Inclusive Technology for Education Events across the UK. These events provide an opportunity for Disability Advisors and others who support disabled students to experience the technology we most frequently recommend, with a focus on applications that are available free of charge. We can also offer a similar event for students to attend at the start of term or at the start of revision time to help them make the most of their study time.

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It is also a chance to learn about the full range of free and paid for services AbilityNet provide for students and DA’s, meet our assessment teams, experience the technology first hand with an interactive session and have a Q&A on the latest tech, DSA and other free support available for staff and students.

The events are charged at £495 for a 2-hour intro session or £795 for a 4-hour interactive session. We also have a limited number of FREE sessions that we can offer every quarter so please enquire now to secure your event!

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