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AbilityNet is proud to be shortlisted as Digital Charity of the Year 2016. At AbilityNet we believe that the greatest promise of the digital age is the incredible impact it can have on the lives of disabled and older people. As a past winner of this award we know it offers a vital way to raise awareness of the power of technology to change the lives of disabled people, encourage more people to ask for help and help share expert knowledge to help more people fulfill their potential.

The winners will be chosen by a public vote, so vote now on the Digital Leaders website and help us spread the message about the amazing way that technology can transform the lives of disabled and older people

Digital advances will transform the lives of disabled and older people more than anyone else

AbilityNet believes that the biggest impact of the digital age will be upon the lives of disabled and older people. In the same way that technology has helped Professor Stephen Hawking to share his knowledge, we know that changes in everyday technology will transform the lives of billions of disabled and older people across the planet, helping them achieve their goals at home, at work and in education.

Prof Stephen Hawking is perhaps the best known example of the power of technology to transform the lives of disabled people.

Advances in voice recognition, robotics, 3d-printing and every other type of digital technology have the power to help disabled and older people communicate, connect and control their lives in ways that they could never dream of before. It will bring a much greater sense of independence, offering new opportunities in every aspect of their lives. 

Why vote for AbilityNet?

We help people of any age, with any disability or impairment. We focus on mainstream and specialist technologies, and above all we know that one size NEVER fits all.

We tailor our services to help people in many different ways - from one to one assessments for students and employees to specialist digital testing and consultancy services to help build accessible websites and apps. Digital skills and accessibility lies at the heart of the information we provide, but we are also leading the way in using digital tools to deliver our services.

For example we're currently rebuilding My Computer My Way, our award-winning guide to all the accessibility features in every mainstream computer, tablet and smartphone. This is part of a new digital-first approach to how we manage and share our expert knowledge - sharing our specialist knowledge through factsheets, webinars, and other expert resources.

Innovation to transform the workplace

Our specialist expertise is also the key part of our worked with a commercial partner to launch Clear Talents on Demand, an innovative digital tool that identifies Reasonable Adjustments and is set to transform the way that employers support disabled people in the workplace.

Clear talents On Demand is transforming the workplace for disabled peopleEvery employer must make Reasonable Adjustments to accommodate disabled people in the workplace. This can often be simple changes which cost every little but have a huge impact on productivity and the well-being of the employee. But too many people don't know where to start - employees may be reluctant to discuss their needs and employers don't now what adjustments are needed. 

Clear Talents On Demand close the communications gap - the employee fills in a questionnaire about their needs. They choose how to reveal about themselves, by focusing practical issues such as travel to work, or the use of screens and keyboard. The tool produces a free, easy to use expert report for managers as well as simple mechanism for booking a follow up assessments where more personalised advice is needed.

Already in use by several large, blue chip companies this is one example of the way that AbilityNet is embedding digital delivery at the core of its services, whilst helping to deliver a digital world that is accessible for all.

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