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I've just done a webinar on a subject that's close to our hearts at AbilityNet, which "How to change your computer accessibility settings without spending money". It was a great success. After all, no-one likes spending money if they don't have to, do they?

I always try to refer people to My Computer My Way as it gives you easy step by step advice on what to do. It's our flagship resource that we like to shout about!

Need help with slowing down the keyboard response rate? Need help adding tails to your mouse cursor to make it easy to see? You can do all this and more at My Computer My Way.

My Computer My WayHang on moment! What if you have a mobile device or an Ipad or an Android device?  No problems, My Computer My Way covers the latest systems for all Apple, Android and Windows devices. 

It's your computer. You can change it so it meets your requirements. Our detailed guidance will give you the appropriate skills to change the way that your computer works, just for you. 

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Alex Barker, Advice and Information Officer

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