Christmas gift ideas from AbilityNet

Christmas is fast approaching and although I'm smug and can say (for once!) that I've done nearly all my Christmas shopping there are probably people out there who have no idea what to get their nearest and dearest. If you're getting them an electronic device like a smartphone or an e-book reader you will want to make sure it has lot of accessibility setting that you can alter. So here are some ideas.

Everyone likes books don't they? What could be better then sitting on the sofa after Christmas dinner and starting to read the new blockbuster. Lots of people now like to use e-book readers as they are more compact then actual books and provide some really good accessibility settings too.

Adjust your settings

Here are a couple of links to configuring your e-book reader:

There are lots of cheap tablets out there. If you are on a budget the Hudl2 from Tesco looks really good and because it is Android based there are thousands of different apps you can download. Accessibility is improved on the latest version of  the Android operating system which is called Lollipop.

If you have a bit more money you can buy one of the many Apple devices. Apple pride themselves on their accessibility options and there are lots of different ways you can customise your Apple device. Magnification and voice over are two of many features that are built into Apple products to make them accessible to all.

Although Android and Apple are most common systems that people use on their tablets, Windows 8 is the operating system that is bundled with most computers and there are some good accessibility features available.

Give us a call

If you do get an electronic device for Christmas and you are struggling with it you can always give us a call on 0800 269 545 after the 5th January and we'll organise a volunteer to come out and help you.

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