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Case Study

Accrediting Barclays' Personal Banking App

Barclays BankThe latest version of Barclays' Mobile Banking App was the first app to receive our accessibility accreditation. The app provides full banking services to millions of Barclays customers via their smartphones and tablets and has been completely redesigned, with accessibility built in at every stage starting with the wireframes.

Klara Wilhelm is VP for Mobile Propositions at Barclays and has been core to ensuring that accessibility is delivered at every stage of the App's development. As she says, the design and development process has been a valuable learning process for everyone involved:

“At one time we may have seen accessibility as something bolted on the end of a project but we’re now seeing how much more we can achieve when we bring into the heart of the design process. In this project it started with testing at early design phase - in fact we tested the wireframes.

"The disabled user testing at that point provided real insight into some of the usability issues which were relevant to every user - and I think the team saw then just how valuable this process would be.”

the Barclays mobile banking app is now accredited by AbilityNetAbilityNet’s accreditation is based on achieving WCAG2.0 AA compliance. AbilityNet’s senior consultant Joe Chidzik led the testing processes and advised on the development of the app:

"It's been a real partnership," he explains. "I have worked closely with the development team at every stage, including lots of spent on site in their offices. We’ve been there since the start and we’ve helped the team at every stage, whether that has been disabled user testing or getting our hands dirty with the code. We do a lot of testing and related work on mobile platforms, including apps, but this is the first time we’ve been able to give our accreditation to an app so it’s a real mark of success for all of us.“

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  • Klara and Joe were part of a webinar that AbilityNet hosted about the development of the Barclays App.
  • A recording of the webinar is available on our site and is ideal for any business manager, designer or developer who wants to how to place accessibility at the heart of every digital project.

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