What is Web Accessibility?

Not sure what we mean by accessibility? Don't think it has anything to do with you?

Take a look at this video to understand where accessibility could fit in your next digital strategy.

This video is hosted on YouTube and uses animated text and graphics. A full transcript is available to download.

Accessibility is good for business

In the UK there are 11.2 million people with a registered disability. That includes 1.6 million who are registered blind, 1.5 million with cognitive difficulties, a further 3.4 million people who are otherwise IT disabled, and 6 million that have dyslexia.  Their total spending power is now estimated at between £80-120 billion a year. An ageing population will push these figures ever higher, so good business sense suggests that this is a key market for any website.

It's the law!

It is illegal to bar disabled visitors from online services and information offered to the general public.  No organisation would purposefully do this, but many are either not aware of the problem or simply don’t know what to do to address it. In the UK, the Equality Act (2010) applies as much to the provision of web-based services as it does to the supply of services to disabled people in the physical world, making it illegal therefore to:

  • refuse to provide a service without justification
  • provide a service to a lesser standard without justification
  • provide a service on worse terms without justification
  • fail to make reasonable adjustments to the way services are provided.

Reach every customer on every platform

AbilityNet can help you make your website, apps and other digital services accessible to every customer on every platform.

We have a range of specialist services and a team of highly experienced Accessibility Consultants who can deliver technical insight and professional services.

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