Accessibility User Testing

For more than ten years we’ve helped business, government and charities comply with the law and maximise the reach of their digital content.

It is the insights of our consultants that sets us apart. Your team needs to know where the problems are, but they need expert guidance to deliver the best solutions.

Working from our testing labs in central London we can test your websites, apps and other digital tools, looking for usability and compliance issues. Our consultants combine automated and manual testing to create a roadmap that will deliver what your customers need. They understand how digital projects work and can guide you through every step of the process.

User Testing LabWCAG 2.0 and Section 508 accessibility audit

A detailed audit gives your web team the foundation for an accessible, compliant website that meets the needs of WCAG2.0 and Section 508.

  • We conduct heuristic reviews to establish whether a website or app meets the requirements of a series of well-known usability principles, or heuristics.
  • We use a cognitive walkthrough to establish how easy it is for new users to complete specific tasks.
  • We complete a series of tasks to collect usability performance metrics such as task completion time and error-rate.

Accessibility user testing

Our well-established network of testers have a range of disabilities and can test your content on a variety of devices. Working in our labs in central London - or conducting tests remotely - our testers provide invaluable user experience insights.

Gap analysis

An initial accessibility review will identify gaps between what you have and what you need to achieve compliance.

Assistive technology review

Our consultants use a selection of popular assistive technologies to show you your website, apps and other digital content through the eyes and ears of disabled people. This fresh perspective is a vital step in ensuring that your team builds accessibility into every design decision.

PDF accessibility

Documents in PDF format can be difficult to read for people with disabilities. We can help with your existing content and provide guidance and hands-on support to create user-friendly, compliant PDFs.

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