New Build and Re-Design

Accessibility first. That’s our recommendation.

When you start your roadmap with accessibility in mind, you build a project that’s destined to capture the widest possible audience. It’s not just about complying with the law - it's a case of putting your users first, which brings usability and business benefits.

Start thinking about accessibility at the start of your roadmapIf you are building a new website, a new app or a new digital service, our expert advice and support helps you deliver a better experience for all your users.

Wireframe review

Bring us your wireframes, your sketches and your apps in development. We can review your work-in-progress, highlight potential issues and help your team deliver accessible, usable solutions from the start. 

Reviews at this stage in a project can save you time and money later on by considering:

  • Types of content on pages e.g. related links, side navigation, header / footer
  • Conditional functionality (how a page might change depending on whether a user is logged in or not)
  • How pages relate to one another
  • User journeys through the website

Design review

By reviewing your design mockups or sketches we can identify accessibility and usability issues and help you tackle them. Save time and money by building your project on accessible foundations.

Template review

Audited for compliance with WCAG2.0 AA (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), we can review your templates as they are coded. We also ensure that your templates are compatible with the assistive technologies commonly used by people with disabilities, and you’ll get a written report detailing all issues and our recommended solutions.

Talk to us about your project

You can get in touch at any stage of your project but the sooner you get in touch the sooner we can help to address any accessibility issues.

Our friendly and knowledgeable consultants are always happy to answer your questions abut accessibility and usability.