Mobile & Tablet Accessibility Services

Your customers are mobile and we can help you reach them.

Our mobile and tablet accessibility services help you deliver improved ease-of-use, faster download times and more successful user journeys for all your customers.

Our consultancy, training and testing services help you deliver the same high quality experience to every customer on every platform.

AbilityNet can help you deliver accessible digital services on every platformMobile & tablet accessibility testing

Start by testing what you have. Learn about the accessibility challenges presented by your mobile project – before they present a problem. 

Following initial testing, accessibility audits offer a detailed picture of design, marketing and compliance issues. Our consultants assess how well your digital services perform on mobile devices, identify current strengths and weaknesses and build the foundations for an accessible project.

Our user experience lab is a controlled environment that allows us to scrutinise your content and services on a range of devices. Our remote testers can also challenge your app or website by using their own devices which have been adapted to suit their unique needs.

Disabled user testing

Put your project in the hands of real users. We organise mobile user testing with a diverse range of users in our lab. Users may have learning difficulties and dyslexia, physical disabilities or impaired vision and blindness. We also involve non-disabled users so you can gather the greatest range of experiences and feedback.

Talk to us about your project

Every project is different and the pace of change in mobile means more projects tha need you to be more agile. Speak to us at an earliest possible stage and we can help you produce a successful mobile project that reaches more people on more devices.