Accreditation and iCOMPLY

AbilityNet Accreditation

AbilityNet AccreditedAccredit your site with AbilityNet to:

  • Show every customer you care
  • Instil confidence that your site is accessible to all
  • Increase revenue by including every potential customer
  • Help set the standard and become part of the global centre of excellence

Achieving AbilityNet Accreditation reflects a high level of compliance. It is a seal of approval that sets a public-facing benchmark for all your digital services.


iComply give syou peace of mind First we deliver an accessible solution. Then we make sure you stay compliant.

It's not enough to be compliant on the day you launch. iCOMPLY is a managed service that ensures the accessibility and usability of your websites, apps and intranet on an ongoing basis, with regular checks and pro-active input to your teams.

iCOMPLY uses AbilityNet’s expertise to embed accessibility best practice in your digital strategy. iCOMPLY uses the market-leading automated solutions to identify non-compliant content and prioritise key issues and concerns.

After an initial evaluation our consultants identify a detailed roadmap to achieve compliance and works in partnership with your in-house specialists and suppliers to deliver what is required. We provide the support you need to embed accessibility in every step of your process - to compliance and beyond.

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