Welcome to Exploring AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

This site shows some of the currently available AAC devices. AAC includes any communication method (including gestures, pictures, symbols, electronic/battery operated talking devices and computers) that is used to help individuals who have speech or writing impairments make meaningful connections with the world around them.

This website is for AAC users, their families and the people who support them, and aims to show them a selection of different AAC devices. You can choose items to add to the report which you can see when you have finished. The report will also tell you about the different assessment options available.

About AAC

Some examples of AAC equipment, both on its own and in use.

Go Talk

Proloquo 2 go

Picture Grid

Speech support

This website is speech enabled. You can hear the page you are looking at read out by selecting the speaker icon at the top of the page.

Symbol support

This website uses the innovative new Point software from Widgit Software to provide additional symbol support. This can be accessed by simply hovering the mouse over any words you are unsure of to display the corresponding symbol(s) for those words. Try it out! If you do experience any difficult in using the site, please email us.