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Giving consistent student experiences at course and module level

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  • Wednesday 5 October 2022
  • 13:00 - 15:00 BST 

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Why you should attend

For disabled students, now more than ever, an inclusive digital experience is crucial to their ability to participate in education on an equal footing.  

The legal requirement to provide platforms and documents that are compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA has helped to move things forward, but a focus on compliance is only part of the solution. 

Good accessibility practices make teaching and learning more effective for everyone. But, for the student experience to be seamless, there needs to be a focus on consistent good practices at course and module level. Baking digital accessibility considerations into your course design and quality assurance processes will improve the learning experience for everyone and provide students with confidence to make an informed choice of provider, knowing that their accessibility needs have been considered proactively.  

This session will help you:

  • Evaluate your course creation approach for accessibility 

  • Identify and build on the “accidental” inclusive practices that emerge from good teaching practices, 

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and training needs using a range of evidence-based checks 

  • Consider how to bake digital accessibility considerations into templates, quality assurance and feedback  

  • Engage content creators and teaching and learning staff in recognising the importance of being accessible and inclusive by design.  

  • Improve the overall learning experience for all students 

  • Provide a holistic framework for auditing the accessibility of different courses/subject areas.  

Who is this training for

The intended audiences for this training include course leaders, heads of subject, digital teams, student experience, learning and teaching.  

What will be covered

Attendees will:

  • Learn how digital accessibility principles closely align with a wide range of teaching excellence frameworks and approaches 
  • Review the module level digital accessibility maturity framework 
  • Discuss 10 areas of the framework  
  • Review evidence for samples of modules from own institution and collate points for each area 
  • Determine scoring at bronze, silver, gold level 
  • Discuss barriers to progress and share best practice  

Important information 

Class size: We limit the number of people on our training courses to ensure all attendees can engage with the presenter, ask questions and have an informative experience

What to bring: You will need a good internet connection, access to a laptop or desktop computer and to be able to open/use the Zoom platform without restrictions on your device

Location: Online - this course is delivered via the Zoom platform


  • The course will be delivered with live captions
  • We can share slides in advance if required
  • A captioned recording with transcript will be shared with attendees after the live event

Why train with us?

97% of attendees rated our webinars and training ‘Excellent' or ’Good’ in 2019

Attendees will receive a link to the recording of the training to watch back at your leisure after the event. (And you’ll always have access to the latest advice as we will update the content on the link when the training is repeated in the future.)

What our previous attendees say

"We’re about to pilot universal design for learning and bringing disability visibly into the curriculum with a set of modules and will use the scoring early in the process to review what they have built in for students in their module."
“An excellent and informative session”
“Very useful session and a nice model to use. It was good to know that others have similar issues and challenges” 
"The course was great at raising ideas and concerns around accessibility that aren't part of our normal module and course review processes. The framework and discussion was incredibly useful in highlighting where we could improve and things we need to consider when designing and redesigning our modules." 
"Invaluable for unpicking how to approach digital accessibility and develop an faculty strategy." 

Meet our trainers

Alistair McNaughtMcNaught Consultancy logo

Alistair McNaught

Alistair McNaught of McNaught Consultancy is well known for his skill in translating accessibility into the everyday practices of many institutional roles. He specialises in helping organisations get better return on digital investments by identifying the small changes that can make big differences to users. Alistair worked as a front-line teacher for 20 years then worked for national organisations supporting e-learning and accessibility in Further and Higher education.  

Amy Low

Amy Low

Amy Low is Service Delivery Director at AbilityNet, and heads up our workplace, education and free services teams. Having spent 15 years working in a variety of leadership and transformation roles within serviced property and IT services, Amy joined AbilityNet in 2016, drawn by the opportunity to leverage technology to remove barriers to participation for disabled people and create a better digital experience for everyone. She works with a wide range of institutions and organisations providing services and support to ensure their digital practices are meeting the needs of the widest audience.  

About our training team

Our trainers have decades of experience between them. They deliver accessibility consultancy ranging from technical audits and user tests, through to ongoing involvement in the accessibility of enterprise-level agile projects. They regularly champion accessibility at conferences, lead webinars, and run workshops.