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AbilityNet Factsheets

AbilityNet Factsheets

AbilityNet’s Factsheets are written by our specialist team of assessors and accessibility consultants and give detailed information on a wide range of assistive technology, services and related organisations. Many give a step by step guide to help you set up your computer and software (assistive technology) to meet your individual requirements. We also offer free access to My Computer My Way, which leads you on-screen through the options available on your own computer.

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NB Click on Title at the top of the list of documents to sort them by name. All factsheets have been updated during Winter-Spring 2014.


Title Tag
Autism and Computers autism, adhd, aspergers, ASD
Communication Aids AACA, communication aids, speech, stroke, mnd
Dyslexia and Computers dyslexia, SPLD, school, Windows, OSX, macintosh, mac, universiity
Dyslexia and voice recognition software dyslexia
Electronic Publications publications, books, newspapers, magazines, kindle, e reader, nook e book, EPUB
Employment and Disability employment, disability, training, support, work
Epilepsy and Computing epilepsy photosensitive
Ergonomics and Computing RSI, ULD, WRULD, HSE
Funding for an adapted computer system funding, refurbished, second hand, reconditioned, charities
General guidelines on printed material printed material, accessibility
Internet Hazards internet safety, hazards
Keyboard and Mouse Adaptations keyboard, mouse, adaptations
Keyboard Shortcuts Windows, keyboard, shortcuts
Keyboard – Single Handed Use single handed keyboard
Keyboarding and touch typing for children touch typing, children, keyboard skills
Learning Difficulties and computers learning difficulties
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Computing RA, arthritis, rheumatoid
RSI and WRULD RSI, WRULD, upper limb disorder, repetitive strain injury
Suppliers information suppliers
Tablet Computers tablet, iphone, apple, android, apps, Windows
Technical help and training resources technical, help, training, support
Top 10 Accessible Apps a11y, apps, accessible apps, inclusive design
VAT and computers VAT, composite rate, Customs and Excise
Video Games and Accessibility video games, accessibility, game, controllers
Vision impairment and computing visual impairment
Voice recognition-an overview voice recognition, dyslexia, RSI, arthritis

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