Creating Accessible PDFs

Whether you use PDFs for sales information, factsheets, newsletters or any other form of communication, AbilityNet can ensure that they are accessible to the broadest range of users. Not addressing this issue could mean that your customers can't access your downloads, and as well as the impact on your marketing that could mean that your site fails to comply with relevant legal requirements. 

Whether they're created in Word, Quark, InDesign, Acrobat or other publishing software, PDFs are unlikely to be accessible unless specific steps have been taken when they are created. For example care must be taken to ensure that people with visual impairments can understand the use of images or differentiate between paragraph text, headings, lists or tables. And checking that the tab order is correct enables someone navigating with the keyboard to follow the sense of the document as you intended it. 

Our expert team can help make sure your PDFs are accessible in several ways:

  • PDF audits to identify issues and make recommendations to fix them;
  • Modification of your PDFs to improve the accessibility for you;
  • Accessible PDF creation - you supply us the content in another format and we will create an accessible PDF for you;
  • PDF to HTML conversion - html documents can be made far more accessible than PDFs. We can take your PDFs and turn them in to accessible HTML documents for you;
  • Training and support for key staff to embed best practise in your production processes.

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