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AbilityNet Webinars

Free advice and information about computers and disability

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AbilityNet Webinars

AbilityNet's free accessibility webinars help make the web a more accessible place. Join our experts and their guests to talk about current issues and learn about key resources that can help your work. These events are free of charge and can be booked using the links below.

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Building and Testing Accessible Apps

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 12:00 AM - 1:00 PM BST

Are you planning to launch an app? Have you already taken the plunge? Have you thought about accessibility?

This webinar is for business decision makers and app developers who need to know how to meet legal guidelines and build apps that work for every user. It will feature practical tips and examples from the AbilityNet labs, where more than half of our auditing and testing work is on mobile, much of it on apps.

  • Three things to consider when building accessible apps
  • Don't break what's already fixed
  • Testing apps for accessibility

AbilityNet’s Robin Christopherson and Raphael Clegg-Vinell will explain how to ensure that your app is accessible, legal and usable.

A recording of this webinar will be made available to everyone who registers.

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What every HR Director needs to know about disability and technology in the workplace

1pm Tuesday 14 October 2014

Employers have a legal requirement to take a pro-active approach to supporting staff and avoiding disability discrimination. However positive you are as an employer most disabled people do not disclose their disability at work because they fear discrimination - and many will have conditions or impairments which cannot be easily identified. Employers face costly legal action and tribunals if they get this wrong.

  • Are you confident about how to deal with disability in your workplace?
  • Do you understand the many ways that disabilities may be affecting your staff?
  • Are you dealing with mental health issues in your team, or high rates of staff sickness?
  • Do you have an effective system for identifying and supporting disabled people in your workplace?
  • Do you know how simple adjustments to the computers they use could help staff be more productive and reduce sickness rates?

This webinar will be of interest to HR Directors and IT managers interested in how to support their staff. It is not a technical session but will introduce:

  • Current legal requirements for reasonable adjustments
  • Common adjustments recommended by AbilityNet
  • Building support systems that prevent discrimination.

The session will be delivered AbilityNet’s Head of Digital Inclusion Robin Christopherson and Kate Headley, CEO of Clear Company and will include an opportunity for questions.

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How Barclays made the business case for accessibility

1pm BST, Tuesday 21 October 2014

Many marketing and business people - and the web developers and digital designers that work for them - see accessibility as a legal necessity. Something that costs extra and takes longer. So why would a global bank put accessibility at the heart of its digital strategy? How does it relate to their marketing strategy? What does it have to do with the drive for better customer services or competitive advantage?

This webinar will take the form of an interview with Paul Smyth, Head of IT Accessibility at Barclays. He has been a leading advocate for accessibility inside the organisation and will explain:
- the breakthrough moments which led to the Chairman and CEO placing accessibility at the heart of their business strategy
- the tangible benefits the business is already seeing
- the effect it has had on internal culture and digital design processes.
- advice to organisations starting out on their accessibility journey as to how to organise themselves for success

Although it will focus on Barclays this session will show how accessibility can bring benefits to any business. It will be of value to anyone trying to win the case for accessibility in their own organisation - and will be a wake up call for the business leaders and digital decision-makers who have yet to be convinced.

Hosted by Robin Christopherson and Mark Walker of AbilityNet.

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Webinar Archive

We record our events and post the video online. We also post slides on Slideshare for public viewing. Because of the cost involved in captioning such long videos they are not always captioned, but we are always happy to share notes with anyone who need more information.

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